Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thing #16: registering completion of the programme

So we've finished the, ahem, 23 things programme and out last task is to take a reflective look back at the programme.

Highlight: getting a few comments on my blog!

Lowlight: at point getting 3 things behind and feeling the book token slipping from my grasp.

Favourite: Although twitter is my favourite of all the technologies as it's like having a big ole archival party going on at my computer every day, the most useful new technology has definitely been making a website with google apps, which I didn't know you could do and will definitely use in the future.

leas favourite: Technorati and Rollyo. They required way too much input for too little output, in my opinion. They didn't integrate with any other sites that I was using and generally seemed a bit detached from the rest of the web and thus not so useful.

I've enjoyed the 23 things programme and it's been good to know that the university considers learning how to use these tools to be part of our job. Certainly I shall keep experimenting with web 2.0 - I've just joined tumblr to try to learn how that works and whether it could work better from archives services than flickr does.

So thank you, and good night!

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